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With machine learning techniques developed by our team for the Department of Defense.

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What Keeps You Up at Night?

No leader wants to be surprised. It takes just one instance for lasting damage, and companies have lost billions in market value by not uncovering harmful ingredients, by missing the next big ingredient, or not recognizing emerging technologies that disrupt their business models. The exponential acceleration of digital data presents manufacturers with unprecedented opportunities and risks. This is especially true as technology advances have changed the way information flows between academic sources, regulatory agencies, news media and consumers. 4Sight’s team of data scientists have pioneered advanced machine learning techniques for the Department of Defense to detect threats and predict emerging technologies that keep our country safe, and now we’re applying those capabilities to identify emerging commercial innovation or business threats so leaders get advance warning of emerging threats and opportunities.

  • Synthesized
  • data sets
  • next-gen machine learning
  • commercial expertise
  • trusted by DoD
  • risk management
  • for peace of mind

Why 4Sight Advantage?

4Sight Advantage marries cutting edge machine learning techniques trusted by the Department of Defense and an executive team with decades of experience living commercial challenges in Fortune 100 businesses. FutureSet HI was developed to meet the needs of formulators, marketers, product managers and executives.

FutureSet synthesizes billions of documents for millions of ingredients across diverse data streams globally: consumer, market, regulatory, academic and scientific. With the application of advanced ML/AI, 4Sight Advantage filters out the noise to identify the most critical documents only, alerting manufacturers when a concern or an opportunity arises.

Our 4Sight Advantage solution is trusted by Fortune 100 companies to do just that - based on machine learning techniques used by the Department of Defense. There's no better insurance.

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Why 4Sight Advantage?

What Ingredients May
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