Whether you’re looking to understand whitespace opportunities or launch into a new category, our ability to cast a landscape-wide net allows for a holistic understanding of your target market.

We Look for Answers to Landscape Questions Like:

  • As we launch into a new space, how can we quickly assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of our competition?
  • What emerging “hero” and “villain” ingredients exist in our category?
  • What are the latest trends in our category?
  • Where is there whitespace in this new category?
  • How does my brand stack up against the competition?
  • A competitor has launched a new product. What is the consumer reaction?
We Look for Answers to Landscape Questions Like:

Challenges We’ve Solved

Uncovering Whitespace and Unmet Needs in a Cluttered Category

A top CPG company wanted to uncover category insights that would best position them to launch a new brand within the outdoor space—a crowded category with many existing “chemical-forward” competitors and a few emerging “natural” competitors.

Landscape questions they asked:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key category brands?
  • What are the key vulnerabilities of the top competitors?
  • What unmet needs remain in the category?


  • Defined positioning based on top unmet needs and category whitespace
  • Leveraged the most emotional unmet needs as a “torture test” for safety
  • Prioritized easy instructions to pursue ownership over “easy” as point of difference

The Insights Miner analysis helped us identify and strengthen insights to build the category beyond where we initially started. The team was engaged from start to finish and dug deeper in the data as we had questions, so we could use the results that were shaped by Insights Miner.

Director, Procter and Gamble.

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